Paper,Gloss,Re,Boxes,$9,Kraft,RONRONS,50,/momme233935.html,Lip,White,Laser,Box,Beauty Personal Care , Makeup,Pieces, $9 RONRONS 50 Pieces White Lip Gloss Boxes Laser Kraft Paper Box Re Beauty Personal Care Makeup RONRONS 50 Pieces White Lip Gloss Boxes Paper Box Limited Special Price Re Laser Kraft $9 RONRONS 50 Pieces White Lip Gloss Boxes Laser Kraft Paper Box Re Beauty Personal Care Makeup Paper,Gloss,Re,Boxes,$9,Kraft,RONRONS,50,/momme233935.html,Lip,White,Laser,Box,Beauty Personal Care , Makeup,Pieces, RONRONS 50 Pieces White Lip Gloss Boxes Paper Box Limited Special Price Re Laser Kraft

shopping RONRONS 50 Pieces White Lip Gloss Boxes Paper Box Limited Special Price Re Laser Kraft

RONRONS 50 Pieces White Lip Gloss Boxes Laser Kraft Paper Box Re


RONRONS 50 Pieces White Lip Gloss Boxes Laser Kraft Paper Box Re

Product description


| RONRONS 50 Pieces Lip Gloss Boxes Laser Kraft Paper Box Rectangle Reusable Lipsticks Tubes Wrapping Boxes Gifts Perfume Essential Oil Bottle Holder Storage DIY Lip Gloss Packaging Wrap |

# These paper lipstick packaging boxes are suitable for packing lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, small craft, birthday candle, slim essential oil, perfume bottle, mini cosmetic or makeup samples, etc.
# These lip gloss boxes are made of paper cardboard, with a shining and charming look, durable and useful to safeguard your mini bottles or lip balms against breakage, Packed flat for convenient storage.
# These gift packaging box can be applied to give a beautiful decoration and protection for your handmade lipstick and lip gloss, after packing, the lipstick or lip gloss can be a sweet gift for family and friends on Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving

Material: paper cardboard
Quantity: 50 pieces
Color: black, white
Size: 2 x 2 x 12cm / 0.79 x 0.79 x4.72inch

Package included:
50 x Lipsticks wrapping boxes

RONRONS 50 Pieces White Lip Gloss Boxes Laser Kraft Paper Box Re

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