$18 MEHOFOTO 8x6ft Enchanted Forest Photo Studio Background Cartoon Electronics Camera Photo MEHOFOTO 8x6ft Enchanted Online limited product Forest Cartoon Background Studio Photo MEHOFOTO 8x6ft Enchanted Online limited product Forest Cartoon Background Studio Photo Enchanted,Forest,Photo,/hygroscopic178445.html,8x6ft,Cartoon,Electronics , Camera Photo,MEHOFOTO,billygee.me,Studio,Background,$18 Enchanted,Forest,Photo,/hygroscopic178445.html,8x6ft,Cartoon,Electronics , Camera Photo,MEHOFOTO,billygee.me,Studio,Background,$18 $18 MEHOFOTO 8x6ft Enchanted Forest Photo Studio Background Cartoon Electronics Camera Photo

MEHOFOTO 8x6ft Enchanted Online limited product Forest Cartoon Background Studio Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Photo

MEHOFOTO 8x6ft Enchanted Forest Photo Studio Background Cartoon


MEHOFOTO 8x6ft Enchanted Forest Photo Studio Background Cartoon

Product description


◆About Creases:

In order to facilitate transport and packaging, this photography background will be folded to send, It will lead to the creases.

(If you mind the folds please carefully buy)

But do not worry, it will not affect the use, recovery method as follows:

1.Can use the iron, gently ironing from the back, pressing the back

2.Roll it up tightly with a cylinder, and waiting for 3-4 days

◆About Size:

The size of this backdrop is more suitable for children to take pictures. If you would like big size, we can also support personalized customization backdrop. Please just send the message to us.

◆Please notice:

1.The main picture of the product is to show the effect, Backdrops stand is not included

MEHOFOTO 8x6ft Enchanted Forest Photo Studio Background Cartoon

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