REMALL Recording Microphone with Excellent Voice Filter Pop Changer Trip Pop,Filter,,with,Musical Instruments , Microphones Accessories,Recording,,$21,Changer,,REMALL,Voice,Trip,Microphone,/flakelet178239.html $21 REMALL Recording Microphone with Voice Changer, Pop Filter, Trip Musical Instruments Microphones Accessories $21 REMALL Recording Microphone with Voice Changer, Pop Filter, Trip Musical Instruments Microphones Accessories Pop,Filter,,with,Musical Instruments , Microphones Accessories,Recording,,$21,Changer,,REMALL,Voice,Trip,Microphone,/flakelet178239.html REMALL Recording Microphone with Excellent Voice Filter Pop Changer Trip

REMALL Recording Microphone OFFer with Excellent Voice Filter Pop Changer Trip

REMALL Recording Microphone with Voice Changer, Pop Filter, Trip


REMALL Recording Microphone with Voice Changer, Pop Filter, Trip

Product Description


Mini Recording Microphone with Voice Change

This mini recording microphone is a great Christmas gift or birthday gift for adults and kids who love to karaoke singing, live stream, online chat, play games, podcast and more.

There are also some other version microphones with sound effects in our store. Please check our store to have more choice with funny products.

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X2A Microphone Red X2A Microphone Gold X2A Microphone Silver 919A Microphone White 098D Microphone Gold
Product Size 13*3*3cm 13*3*3cm 13*3*3cm 12*3.5*3.5cm 12*3.5*2cm
Sensitivity -43DB -43DB -43DB -43DB -43DB
Pointing type Cardioid pattern Cardioid pattern Cardioid pattern Cardioid pattern Cardioid pattern
Charging DC5V/1A DC5V/1A DC5V/1A DC5V/1A DC5V/1A
Power supply Built-in Lithium battery Built-in Lithium battery Built-in Lithium battery Built-in Lithium battery Built-in Lithium battery
Voice Change
Support Mobile phones, computer, laptop, tablet Mobile phones, computer, laptop, tablet Mobile phones, computer, laptop, tablet Mobile phones Mobile phones, computer, laptop, tablet
Sound Effects

REMALL Recording Microphone with Voice Changer, Pop Filter, Trip

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Pop required. Product Remote normal; margin: { color: div TeKswamp

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