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Cat7 Ethernet Over item handling ☆ Cable -10ft - RJ45 Shielded STP Max 85% OFF Double Connector

Cat7 Ethernet Cable -10ft - RJ45 Connector - Double Shielded STP


Cat7 Ethernet Cable -10ft - RJ45 Connector - Double Shielded STP

Product Description


Fast, Reliable and Tested Cables for Home or Office Use.

Ultra Clarity Cables manufactures a full line of affordable and reliable cables for your home or office, providing you with products of the highest quality to ensure a flawless audio/video experience every time. As a conscientious consumer, you understand the value of a reliable connection and how a simple break in the link can jeopardize an entire operation. Taking your feedback and input seriously, we ensure that everything runs smoothly and without surprises along the way. Each product is designed from the finest materials and machined to match or exceed factory specs, keeping you at the top of your game.

Cat7 Ethernet Cable -10ft - RJ45 Connector - Double Shielded STP

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