Lucyhairwig 180% Density Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Black Synthetic Wig Long Lace Str Front $30 Lucyhairwig 180% Density Black Synthetic Lace Front Wig Long Str Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $30 Lucyhairwig 180% Density Black Synthetic Lace Front Wig Long Str Beauty Personal Care Hair Care,/cookhouse234007.html,Density,180%,Front,Str,Black,Wig,Lucyhairwig,Lace,Long,Synthetic,$30,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care Lucyhairwig 180% Density Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Black Synthetic Wig Long Lace Str Front,/cookhouse234007.html,Density,180%,Front,Str,Black,Wig,Lucyhairwig,Lace,Long,Synthetic,$30,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care

Lucyhairwig 180% Density Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Attention brand Black Synthetic Wig Long Lace Str Front

Lucyhairwig 180% Density Black Synthetic Lace Front Wig Long Str


Lucyhairwig 180% Density Black Synthetic Lace Front Wig Long Str

Product description


Lucyhairwig 180% Density Black Synthetic Lace Front Wig Long Straight Heat Resistant Fiber High Temperature Replacement Lace Front Wigs For Women Daily Makeup Wigs 24inch
Hair Material:100% High Quality Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Fiber
Hair Length: 24inch
Hair Style:straight
Hair Color:Black
Cap Size: Medium Cap Size 22.5Inch Circumference
Comes with adjustable strap and 3 combs
Package Including: 1x Wig, 1x Wig Cap
Wig Wearing:
1.Strench the hair net with your hands , put it to your neck from your forehead.
2.Put the whipstitch side downwards,pinch the other side with two hands and pull it up until the net has covered your hair.
3.Adjust the whipstitch side to your hairline , set your hair with your own fingers.when it is finished,use hair pins to fix your hair on back,instead of top.
4.It is better that you fix from front,back,left and right side.
Wig Cleaning:
If you wear the wig everyday , you can clean it per two weeks,if you do not frequently wear the wig , you can clean it 15days afer each wearing.
The wigs should be placed in a cool dry space.
All synthetic hair wigs be happened to minimum shedding and tangling which is normal.

Lucyhairwig 180% Density Black Synthetic Lace Front Wig Long Str

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    why crush my game (csgo) and it doesn t work..? someone can help me ?  

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