,Blade,/acyloxy234278.html,Needles,$11,0.18mm,50pcs,with,Microblading,Tattoo,12,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,Pink,Flex 50pcs Pink Flex Microblading Needles with Blade Award-winning store Tattoo 0.18mm 12,Blade,/acyloxy234278.html,Needles,$11,0.18mm,50pcs,with,Microblading,Tattoo,12,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,Pink,Flex $11 50pcs Pink Flex Microblading Needles 0.18mm Tattoo Blade with 12 Beauty Personal Care Personal Care 50pcs Pink Flex Microblading Needles with Blade Award-winning store Tattoo 0.18mm 12 $11 50pcs Pink Flex Microblading Needles 0.18mm Tattoo Blade with 12 Beauty Personal Care Personal Care

50pcs Pink Flex Microblading Needles with Year-end gift Blade Award-winning store Tattoo 0.18mm 12

50pcs Pink Flex Microblading Needles 0.18mm Tattoo Blade with 12


50pcs Pink Flex Microblading Needles 0.18mm Tattoo Blade with 12

Product description



1. Perfectly used on the eyebrow, eyeliner, lip makeup, and even small patterns of body tattoos.
2. Fit for most eyebrow Manual tattoo pen.
3. Needle tips are sharp, easy to color.
4. The needles have excellent stability.
Package Including:

50pcs*0.18mm 12Pins Pink Flex Microblading Needles

50pcs Pink Flex Microblading Needles 0.18mm Tattoo Blade with 12

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